The top SXSW late night place is the Belmont. Jetpac did image processing on over 100million Instagram photos to see from which venues people shared the most photos from 12-4am at SXSW 2013.

No surprise that bars and music venues feature highly, but the big surprise is that SXSW people look further for a good time than just downtown 6th Street with its great bars like Bourbon Girl. The White Horse and Gypsy Lounge are a draw to the East, The Clive Bar takes people down towards the River. The Belmont, Rattle Inn, Bourbon Girl and Ten Oak take people South and off 6th. The Spider House up by the University attracts a lot of late night drinkers. Are they resting their legs on the lovely patio on their way home?
Those heading to Club deVille this year will find that it closed just before City Limits in October, but that CheerUpCharlie’s has moved from East 6th into that Red River space.

Here’s hoping you keep hydrated and have the energy to party after midnight in SXSW this year, and that this gives you some ideas to discover more of this amazing city, and Keep Austin Weird.

The Belmont - Top 10 SXSW Late Night Bars

Top 10 Afterhours SXSW Bars

1) The Belmont
2) Cheer Up Charlie’s
3) Clive Bar
4) Club de Ville
5) The White Horse
6) Bourbon Girl
7) Spider House Patio Bar & Cafe
8) Gypsy Lounge
9) Ten Oak
10) Rattle Inn

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